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A partir de agora será possível receber passaporte lituano no mesmo dia

Abril 13, 2020

From Monday (May 4th, 2020) the Migration Department of Lithuania started offering a new service – issuing Lithuanian passport on the same day. The new service is offered only at a branch of the Migration Department in Naugardukas st. in Vilnius. This service, probably, will not be offered in branches of the Migration Department in other towns of Lithuania or at Lithuanian embassies abroad since Lithuanian passports are being printed only in Vilnius.

To receive the passport on the same day, the applicant has to apply for it before noon. The extra fast service costs 190 euro, however it is possible to get the passport cheaper, if the applicant can wait longer. Regular cost for a passport is 43 euro, however it is issued in one month.

Until this week it was possible to receive a passport in one work day, i.e. a person could receive the passport the next day after applying for it.

To apply for Lithuanian passport in Lithuania you will need the following documents: your current valid passport; document about restoring your Lithuanian citizenship and money for payment (cash or card).

We, at De Civitate, assist people with Lithuanian heritage to obtain citizenship of Lithuania. We help our clients through all the application process: search in the archives, preparing the applications, translating the documents, submitting the application, and following up with relevant authorities until Lithuanian citizenship is granted.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.


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