Get the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent if you have Lithuanian Ancestors

The Certificate of Lithuanian Descent gives you the right
to obtain Lithuanian citizenship or permanent residence
in Lithuania
The Certificate of Lithuanian Descent gives you the right
to obtain Lithuanian citizenship or permanent residence in Lithuania
Restore your connection with Lithuania

Stake out your right to Lithuanian citizenship


Protect yourself from citizenship law changes


Receive this official document from Lithuania while keeping your citizenship


Open the door for having Dual Citizenship with the EU state!

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Benefits of Obtaining a Certificate of Lithuanian Descent


Right to Work and Study


Apply for visa and/or permanent residence in Lithuania


Travel freely in any EU country if you have Residence Permit (RP) in Lithuania


Right to obtain Lithuanian Citizenship by simplified procedure


Access to all Social Security benefits as an EU citizen

What is a Certificate of Lithuanian Descent?

The Certificate of Lithuanian Descent holds significant importance for individuals seeking to rediscover their roots and forge a connection with their Lithuanian heritage. This legal document serves as a route to Lithuanian citizenship for persons of Lithuanian origin.

The Lithuanian Descent Certificate, sometimes known as the “Lithuanian Descent Confirmation,” is a document issued by the Republic of Lithuania that verifies one’s ancestry. It is required for regaining Lithuanian citizenship or getting dual citizenship under the country’s Citizenship Law.

Why do you need the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent

Obtaining the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent allows persons with Lithuanian heritage to reconnect with their cultural roots and deepen their links to Lithuania. It is a significant step in acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of Lithuanian ancestors and their lasting impact on the individual’s identity.

With this certificate, you can still apply for citizenship even if the legislation changes in the future, making it more difficult to prove your ancestors’ Lithuanian origin. This benefit is especially useful if you do not apply for citizenship immediately after receiving the certificate. Due to limits on dual citizenship in your home country or by Lithuania, you may choose not to apply right away.

We have the case of two brothers who embarked on a quest to obtain Lithuanian citizenship. One brother initiated his application five years ago, and through diligence and perseverance, he was rewarded with the coveted passport, solidifying his ties with Lithuania. However, fate took a different turn for the other brother, who recently followed a similar path, only to face a disheartening rejection.

The once acceptable set of documents that served as proof of citizenship no longer met the evolving standards set by the immigration authorities. They now demanded more extensive evidence and substantiation, making it arduous for some to comply and reclaim their Lithuanian citizenship. Alas, meeting these additional requirements might prove insurmountable for certain individuals, leading to dashed hopes of restoring their ties with Lithuania.

In such a predicament, obtaining the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent emerges as a prudent course of action. The process is not as daunting as it may seem, and the potential gains outweigh any perceived risks. Taking this proactive step could be the key to preserving one’s connection to their Lithuanian heritage, ensuring a lasting bond with the land of their ancestors.

To be qualified for the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent, you have to show that at least one parent or grandparent was ethnic Lithuanian. This can be established through official documents, such as birth certificates or other archival records.

Benefits of the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent

  • Dual Citizenship: Holding the Certificate opens the door to applying for Lithuanian citizenship while retaining their current citizenship, allowing individuals to enjoy the privileges of dual citizenship.
  • Right to Work and Study: Lithuanian descent certificate holders can reside, work, and study freely in Lithuania and other European Union (EU) member countries.
  • Access to EU Programs: The Certificate grants access to various EU programs, including healthcare, education, and social benefits.

Once the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent is granted, the applicant can further explore the path to Lithuanian citizenship.

The Certificate of Lithuanian Descent is a cherished document that opens the door to reestablishing ties with Lithuanian heritage. It offers a profound sense of belonging and provides individuals of Lithuanian descent with an avenue to embrace the rich history, culture, and traditions of Lithuania. As more people rediscover their Lithuanian roots through this certificate, they can embark on a meaningful journey of cultural reconnection and appreciation for their ancestral heritage.

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Have any questions?

What documents are required to obtain a certificate of origin from Lithuania?

To obtain a Certificate of Origin from Lithuania, the following documents are typically required:

  • Copy of a valid passport of the applicant.
  • Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • Evidence of the connection to Lithuania: copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates of parents, grandparents, or other ancestors that establish the applicant’s link to Lithuania.
  • Copy of the Lithuanian parent’s or ancestor’s identification document.
  • Documents proving the familial relationship and citizenship of the Lithuanian parent or ancestor.

Legislation does not indicate the exact and final list of documents for obtaining a certificate of Lithuanian origin. Some documents may not be found, some documents found in the archives may serve as circumstantial evidence.

What is a Certificate of Lithuanian Descent?

A Certificate of Lithuanian Descent is an official document issued by the Lithuanian government that confirms an individual’s Lithuanian ancestry and connection to the country’s heritage.

What kind of document can I get if I am a foreigner of Lithuanian descent?

If you are a foreigner of Lithuanian descent, you may be eligible to obtain a “Certificate of Lithuanian Descent”. This document is issued by the Lithuanian government and serves as proof of your Lithuanian ancestry and connection to the country. It confirms that you are of Lithuanian descent, even if you were born outside of Lithuania or have not previously held Lithuanian citizenship.

It is important to note that the certificate of Lithuanian descent entitles you to obtain Lithuanian citizenship.

How long will the document be valid for?

The Certificate of Lithuanian Descent does not have an expiration date.

Who qualifies for the Lithuanian descent certificates?

Individuals who have Lithuanian ancestry through their parents, or grandparents, may qualify for Lithuanian descent certificate.

Can I apply for Lithuanian citizenship with the Certificate of Descent?

The Certificate of Lithuanian Descent itself does not grant you citizenship, but obtaining a certificate will give you the right to obtain citizenship.

Does the certificate allow dual citizenship?

Holding the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent might make you eligible for Lithuanian citizenship. In some cases, Lithuania allows dual citizenship. Contact us to check if you qualify for dual citizenship.

What benefits of the Certificate of Lithuanian Descent?

The Certificate of Lithuanian Descent holds several benefits for individuals of Lithuanian ancestry:

Simplified Citizenship Application: Holding the certificate may streamline the process if you decide to pursue Lithuanian citizenship by descent or naturalization in the future.

Potential Dual Citizenship: If you qualify for Lithuanian citizenship based on descent, obtaining the certificate might offer the possibility of dual citizenship, allowing you to maintain your current citizenship while also being recognized as a Lithuanian citizen.

Access to Ancestral Records: The certificate may facilitate access to Lithuanian archives and genealogical records, helping you explore your family history and trace your lineage further back.

Connection to Heritage: The certificate establishes a formal link to your Lithuanian roots, providing a sense of cultural identity and belonging to the rich history and traditions of Lithuania.

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Extremely thorough and with excellent communication throughout, the entire application was conducted in Lithuania whilst I remained in Australia. I am very thankful for the result and thoroughly recommend their service.

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The team at De Civitate Group was the answer! Their professionalism, investigatory skillset, and their attention to detail led to a successful restoration of my citizenship in July of 2020.

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Excellent service! Very professional, complete and accurate. All my questions were answered quickly, clearly, and always conveying security and details.

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The information provided before and during the process was very helpful and straightforward and the fees were fair. We are very happy we´ve chosen this company to obtain our citizenship.

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What could’ve been a very complicated & long process for someone trying on their own, the De Civitate Group made straightforward & simplified.


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