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Restoration of Lithuanian citizenship

Lithuanian passport—an official document that verifies a person’s Lithuanian citizenship and their legal ties with the state of Lithuania. The issuance of a Lithuanian passport occurs when a person acquires Lithuanian citizenship through various means: by birth, restoration, simplified procedures, naturalization, or other applicable ways.

Restoration of Lithuanian citizenship can occur when an individual or their parents, grandparents, or ancestors were Lithuanian citizens before the significant date of 15/06/1940. To confirm this claim, one may present a range of documents, including Lithuanian passports issued before the aforementioned date, certificates, birth records, and other pertinent documents reflecting their Lithuanian citizenship. Moreover, records indicating military service in the Lithuanian army, public service, or residency in Lithuania until 15/06/1940 serve as corroborating evidence.

Restoration of Lithuanian citizenship may take two forms: renunciation of the current citizenship or the acceptance of dual citizenship. For those seeking dual citizenship, merely proving past Lithuanian citizenship before 15/06/1940 is insufficient. Additional conditions that grant a person the right to be both a Lithuanian citizen and a citizen of another state are necessary. These conditions include instances of forcible deportation and emigration to another state before 11/03/1990—excluding emigration to the territory of the former Soviet Union after 15/06/1940.

The Republic of Lithuania Law on Citizenship provides further details on additional conditions for acquiring dual citizenship, such as acquiring foreign citizenship through birth, cases of adoption, marriage, and other exceptional circumstances.

Regarding the acquisition of dual citizenship due to forcible deportation from Lithuania or emigration before 11/03/1990, the following conditions can be identified:

  • Having held Lithuanian citizenship before 15/06/1940: The individual or their father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather, or great-grandmother possessed Lithuanian citizenship before 15/06/1940.
  • Fact of forcible deportation: The individual or their relatives listed above were forcibly deported from Lithuania.
  • The fact of emigration from Lithuania before 11/03/1990: The individual or their relatives listed above emigrated from Lithuania before 11/03/1990, permanently settling in another state—excluding emigration to the former Soviet Union after 15/06/1940—with their residence on 11/03/1990 not being in Lithuania.

In addition to meeting these conditions, providing relevant documents is imperative. Principal documents include those attesting to Lithuanian citizenship before 15/06/1940, forcible deportation or emigration from Lithuania before 11/03/1990, family ties, and changes in first names and/or surnames. In cases where these documents are unavailable, extensive searches may be conducted in Lithuanian archives. To initiate such searches, specific personal data is necessary, including first name, surname, date of birth, and place of birth and residence in Lithuania.

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Have any questions?

How can I obtain a Lithuanian passport?

To obtain a Lithuanian passport, you must be a Lithuanian citizen. You can acquire Lithuanian citizenship through various means, such as by birth, restoration of citizenship, naturalization, or descent from Lithuanian ancestors.

Can I hold dual citizenship with a Lithuanian passport?

In some cases, Lithuanian law allows dual citizenship, but it depends on the circumstances. Contact us to check if you are eligible.

Can I travel to the European Union with a Lithuanian passport?

Yes, as Lithuania is a member of the European Union, holding a Lithuanian passport allows you to travel freely within the EU and Schengen Area countries without the need for a visa.

Can I use my Lithuanian passport to enter non-EU countries?

Yes, a Lithuanian passport is a valid travel document that allows you to enter many countries worldwide. However, it is essential to check the visa requirements of the specific country you plan to visit, as some countries may require a visa for Lithuanian passport holders.

Can I apply for a Lithuanian passport if I was born outside Lithuania but have Lithuanian ancestry?

Yes, individuals born outside Lithuania with Lithuanian ancestry may be eligible to apply for Lithuanian citizenship and subsequently obtain a Lithuanian passport.

Can I apply for a Lithuanian passport if I have dual citizenship with another country?

Yes, Lithuania allows dual citizenship in specific situations, and you can have a Lithuanian passport as a third or fourth.

What our clients say

Anthony Roux and family
South Africa
Anthony Roux

The team were fantastic, always promptly answering questions and keeping us updated at all times. I would highly recommend them if you are considering applying for Lithuanian citizenship for you or your family.

Phill Kairys 300x225 1
Phill Kairys

Extremely thorough and with excellent communication throughout, the entire application was conducted in Lithuania whilst I remained in Australia. I am very thankful for the result and thoroughly recommend their service.

Jim Douglas 300x225 1
United States
Jim Douglas

The team at De Civitate Group was the answer! Their professionalism, investigatory skillset, and their attention to detail led to a successful restoration of my citizenship in July of 2020.

Celeste Kausch Serantes 2 300x225 1
Celeste Kausch Serantes

Excellent service! Very professional, complete and accurate. All my questions were answered quickly, clearly, and always conveying security and details.

Irani Askinis and Iraci Askinis 300x225 1
Irani Askinis and Iraci Askinis

The information provided before and during the process was very helpful and straightforward and the fees were fair. We are very happy we´ve chosen this company to obtain our citizenship.

Ken Adomaitis
United States
Ken Adomaitis

What could’ve been a very complicated & long process for someone trying on their own, the De Civitate Group made straightforward & simplified.


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