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Anthony Roux and family
South Africa

Anthony Roux

We recently received our letter indicating that my wife and two children have had their Lithuanian citizenship restored. We could never have done this without the professional services of this company.

Applying for the citizenship was large and very important undertaking for my wife and children and one that will open opportunities and life choices for them in the future.

The team were fantastic, always promptly answering questions and keeping us updated at all times.

I would highly recommend them if you are considering applying for Lithuanian citizenship for you or your family.


Phill Kairys​

At the end of the 2nd World War my father became a refugee. Exiled from his homeland and facing execution if he returned home, he accepted Australia’s 1947 open door.

I am the youngest of seven children born in Australia. In his final year of university my eldest son made enquiries to establish his Grandfather’s heritage to qualify for an EU passport. We hit a brick wall. As descendants of a refugee, we had no records available to us other than my father’s Australian citizenship. To source valid Lithuanian documents to support a citizenship application we were completely out of our depth.

In 2014 the team at De Civitate ( made an accurate and effective application on our behalf and the favourable decision was granted. They successfully restored my family’s heritage which extends to my son’s children.

Extremely thorough and with excellent communication throughout, their entire application was conducted in Lithuania whilst I remained in Australia. I am very thankful for the result and thoroughly recommend their service.

Testimonial Man 300x225 1
United States

Drake Pooley​

Our case was a bit complicated, spanning documents across 4 countries on 3 continents in a few different languages, but De Civitate helped keep the entire process clear from day one.

Restoring citizenship is never a straightforward process, and for that reason my brothers and I are all very glad to have hired De Civitate.

Doing this process on our own would have been incredibly difficult, and we are all now proud US-Lithuanian dual citizens and feel more connected to our family who immigrated to Chicago in the late 1950s.

Testimonial Man 300x225 1
South Africa

Ayal Rosenberg​

I am a resident of South Africa, a country to which my paternal grand-parents emigrated in 1930s.
I approached in order to have my citizenship based on my paternal grandparents granted.

The company was efficient, reliable and trustworthy. Within the timelines they stipulated my citizenship together with that of my three children was granted, and this during the COVID-19 2020 year which was really impressive.

I have no hesitation recommending the company.

Lucas Verzbolovskis 300x225 1

Lucas Verzbolovskis

When my son told me about a pop-up ad he saw regarding your services, I must confess I was a bit sceptical at first. Was it a fake ad or was it for real?

And then, one step after the other it all became true exactly as advertised and my children and I got the Lithuanian nationality in about three years.

Thanks to all the wonderful people in the team everything went smoothly. I just had to come up with the documents that were required and for this I would also like to thank the Lithuanian Archives. They were very efficient as well.

Thank you again. My children and I hope to meet you in person in the near future.

Celeste Kausch Serantes 2 300x225 1

Celeste Kausch Serantes

Excellent service! Very professional, complete and accurate.

All my questions were answered quickly, clearly, and always conveying security and details.

I followed the whole process of restitution of my citizenship from the beginning, and really everyone is to be congratulated for the work and commitment!

Angela Phoenix 300x225 1
United States

Angela Phoenix

I used this company to have my mother’s Lithuanian citizenship restored.

Their help was invaluable, because it is a lengthy process. Our case became unexpectedly complicated, and so we were very glad of the expertise that the team offered.

They ensured that we had a positive outcome.

Testimonial Woman 300x225 1
Australia and Newzealand

Jessica Sønderlund

I experienced a very efficient and professional service when restoring my Lithuanian citizenship.

As I do not speak the Lithuanian language, it was important I could utilise someone who made the connection with appropriate offices and translated important documents.

I always felt heard in the process and appreciated the support and information provided every step of the way.
I can only recommend their services.

Irani Askinis and Iraci Askinis 300x225 1

Irani Askinis and Iraci Askinis

We are very happy we´ve chosen this company to obtain our citizenship.

The information provided before and during the process was very helpful and straightforward and the fees were fair.

We recommend it!

Testimonial Woman 300x225 1

Laura Ciornavei​

I’m more than happy with De Civitate services, transparency, competence, professionalism and for a very kind team!

They helped me and my family to successfully restore the Lithuanian Citizenship, from researching documents, promptly clarifying every doubt we had along the way, they took care of our entire applications, following up the process until our citizenships were finally restored!

The struggle we had in the past trying to figure out on our own how to restore the citizenship was completely gone when we met De Civitate, it felt like just one more step until a dream can finally come true.

This is now a life changer and we are extremely grateful and happy to have used De Civitate services!

Ken Adomaitis 300x225 1
United States

Ken Adomaitis

It was a pleasure working with the De Civitate Group in obtaining my Lithuanian citizenship.

They helped me every step of the way & were very responsive to all my questions.

What could’ve been a very complicated & long process for someone trying on their own, the De Civitate Group made straightforward & simplified.

Jonathan 2.0 cropped

Jonathan Del Fiore​

From the beginning everyone at the company was very professional. They were very clear with the requirements and how the entire process would go on.

Once they found the required documents, everything went smoothly. It takes sometime to get everything processed, but it was always possible to contact them through emails and on the phone.

I was very happy with the entire team!

Testimonial Woman 300x225 1
United States

Shelly Wells​

I enthusiastically recommend De Civitate for all your immigration needs.

My lawyer was knowledgeable, responsive and diligent. He was knowledgeable of Lithuanian laws and processes at the Migration Department. He responded quickly to any concerns about my case. He diligently pursued all avenues, including requesting documents from another country.

You can rely absolutely on De Civitate.

Johanna Kumpis 300x225 1

Johanna Kumpis

Thank you again for all your help with my family citizenship restoration.

It was a very professional and efficient service. No doubt that I will always recommend your company with persons that are looking for their citizenship restoration.

Stephen Rasch 300x225 1
United States

Stephen Rasch

Thanks to your relentless digging in far flung archives you were able to gather the proof needed to convince the authorities of my right to citizenship.

Couldn’t have done it without you. Worth every penny. Many thanks!

Testimonial Man 300x225 1
United States

Alexander Mancevice​

De Civitate went above and beyond in helping me restore my Lithuanian citizenship.

They provided detailed instructions for acquiring the documents I would need to submit and clearly articulated the timeline that I should expect on the path to citizenship.

Although it took considerable time and effort before the process would conclude, my advocates were quick to respond to any questions I sent and I had complete confidence in their ability to deliver.

Rodrigo Pacheco Aguida 300x225 1

Rodrigo Pacheco Aguida

I am very grateful for the help of the company to obtain my Lithuanian citizenship.

Everyone was always very attentive, helpful and great professionals. Thanks again.

Jim Douglas 300x225 1
United States

Jim Douglas

I was referred to De Civitate Group in June 2017 after a couple of years of trying to secure the necessary documentation specific to my citizenship restored in Lithuania.
Due to my not so unique circumstances (e.g. Family fleeing Lithuania to Germany during WWII, finding themselves residing in a Displaced Person’s Camp until immigrating to the US in 1950, etc.), I was frustrated at trying to find all the requisite information while residing in the United States.

The team at De Civitate Group was the answer! Their professionalism, investigatory skillset, and their attention to detail led to a successful restoration of my citizenship in July of 2020.

I was very impressed that no detail was too small for them to uncover pertinent gaps in my family’s respective timeline and to find the corresponding records that completed the story.

I would highly recommend this company to anybody on a similar quest.

Testimonial Man 300x225 1
United States

Peter J. Paukstelis​

When I started the process for restoring my Lithuanian citizenship, it seemed very intimidating.
When I contacted, they had a good plan to acquire and submit the necessary family documents in Lithuania.

But when those documents couldn’t be found, they changed the plan, acquired different documents, and put together a successful application to the Migration Department.

I am now a Lithuanian citizen! Thank you!

Justin Fish 300x225 1
South Africa

Justin Fish​

Many thanks for all your assistance with the restoration of my and my sister’s Lithuanian citizenship.

The service received was professional and all aspects were taken care of for us.

After engaging De Civitate we provided the required information and documentation, and were extremely pleased to receive the news of the approval of our applications in due course.

Nicole and Algimantas Lasas 300x225 1
United States

Nicole Lasas and Algimantas Lasas

My father and I used this company to restore his and to gain my Lithuanian citizenship.

It was a clear process and when something was confusing they were patient and helpful.
Also, we got access to lots of old documents from my family’s past we thought we’d never see. An added bonus.

Highly recommended.

Testimonial Woman 300x225 1
United States

Julie Dirksen​

I can’t imagine trying to navigate this process without the help of an organization like

They were able to explain all the parts of the process, guide me through the necessary paperwork and obtain all the necessary documentation.

Sergio Madjarof and family 300x225 1

Sérgio Madjarof

I restituted my Lithuanian citizenship with the help of Mr Jonas Damulis. My sons Luiz Henrique and Sérgio André, who now live in Germany, got in touch with Mr Damulis and provided him with information on the origins of my mother.

Finally, through a letter sent by her in the 1940s to the Lithuanian authorities, which was found in the Lithuanian national archives, our citizenships could be recognized. It was a brilliant job!

My two sons, my daughter Luciana, my grandson Bento and myself have already benefited from this magnificent job, which granted us the greatest inheritance left by my mother, Antonina Mecelis: our Lithuanian citizenship.

mauricio valala 300 225

Dr. Mauricio Valala

Born to a Lithuanian father in Palėvenė and a Brazilian mother, I decided, aware of the possibility of reclaiming my Lithuanian citizenship without affecting my Brazilian citizenship, to seek a reputable office to assist me in this task. After careful searching, I arrived at De Civitate (Lithuanian Citizenship), which faithfully and effectively submitted a request on my behalf to the Migration Department in Vilnius.

In just over three months, I received a positive response, achieving the long-awaited Lithuanian citizenship. This reputable and trustworthy company guided me step by step, remaining always available and keeping me informed about the progress of the process. As for the fees charged, I have no complaints as they are commensurate with the excellent work done.

My gratitude to De Civitate, particularly to Dr. Rokas Leonavičius and Ms. Ėgle Zavadskaitė.

Testimonial Woman 300x225 1

Ms. Tracey Marie White

De Civitate could not have been more helpful. Although the process was a long one, due to circumstances relating to my own application, the team never wavered and were persistent throughout the process. I always felt in good hands and trusted the team to get this over the line. I would not hesitate to recommend the De Civitate team to anyone needing to reinstate their citizenship! Thank you all!

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