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      Citizenship applications will have to be submitted in person

      From the 1st day of July 2019, citizenship applicants are no longer allowed to submit Lithuanian citizenship applications by simply sending them through post. 


      The applications will have to be submitted in person or by a representative of an applicant, at the Migration Department or at the Lithuanian embassies and consulates abroad.

      Interestingly, this change was published by the Migration Department only on the 19th of July; and is not clear whether the applications that were sent after the 1st of July will be processed.

      All the applications for Lithuanian citizenship are being processed by the Migration Department in Vilnius, and the process might be slightly faster if they are submitted directly. 

      The applications that are submitted at the Lithuanian consulates and embassies abroad are being forwarded to Migration Department. 

      This change does not affect De Civitate’s work since they will still be able to submit the applications directly at the Migration Department as before.