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lithuania property prices

Cost of living in Lithuania

July 25, 2022

If you are thinking about moving to Lithuania, this article will be useful for you. Perhaps it makes sense to save it in bookmarks or on your page on social networks. After all, you may want to watch it again with your family members.

With safety, education, and healthcare plus increasing business opportunities, the country offers a promising future for students, enterprising expats, and families. But how expensive is Lithuania?

Before moving to the country, it’s crucial to evaluate the question ‘how much money do I need to live in Lithuania?’ Only then will you be able to budget for your needs and your family’s expenses.

Living costs in Lithuania

The main aspects you’ll need to take into consideration when moving to Lithuania include real estate, grocery prices, utility prices, the cost of mobile communications, and the cost of the Internet.

So is Lithuania cheap or expensive? Moving to Lithuania, prices can appear confusing at first sight. In this article, we break down the living cost in Lithuania to help you plan your next move wisely.

Lithuania property prices

Rent makes up a large portion of the monthly living expenses. In Vilnius, you can lease a private room in a shared flat for as little as €250 and a studio apartment for about €500. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment starts at about €600 in Vilnius, while Kaunas goes lower at €450 or even €300 outside the city center.

If you want to invest in real estate, you can purchase a studio apartment for only €49,000 in Klaipeda, a two-room apartment in Vilnius or Kaunas for about €100,000 in Kaunas, or a rural house for €110,000 and upwards. Buying property in Lithuania is a smart choice since property prices are steadily increasing as income continues to rise.

If you’re a city lover, you have options: Klaipeda is cheaper than Vilnius and Kaunas. Living rurally is a dream for some and there’s still affordable real estate for those who have the patience to look.

But you should keep in mind that at the moment Lithuania does not offer citizenship or residency for real estate investment. Therefore, your investment in real estate should only be considered as an investment in real estate, and not a way to get an EU passport.

At the same time, there is an excellent program that makes it possible to obtain a residence for investment in a business. And after a few years of living in Lithuania, you can indeed apply for Lithuanian citizenship, with it the European Union’s citizenship. So you can receive EU citizenship by investment, but you must pass the first and second stages – a temporary residence permit and a permanent residence permit.

Lithuania food prices

Food prices are an essential aspect of the cost of living. Lithuania’s food prices are generally accessible, with local produce, dairy, and fish taking a central role in the diet.

Purchasing food for an individual in Lithuania’s grocery stores (such as Barbora or, at a lower price point, Lidl) comes up to a monthly total of approximately €150. This includes animal products, fruit and vegetables, and other dietary staples (read the list at the end of the article). The final cost depends on your personal preferences, caloric needs, and thriftiness.

Food prices for 2 people are approximately 10% lower: €270. And for a family of 4 that includes children, about 15% lower: €510.

Want to splurge? A monthly outing to a cheap restaurant for one person costs about €10. And a full three-course meal for 2 in a middle-range restaurant, about €40.

food prices in lithuania

food prices in Lithuania

The cost of utilities in Lithuania

When planning your living expenses in Lithuania, you should not forget about the cost of utilities. In Vilnius, the cost of basic utilities (electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal) for 1 or 2 people in an 85m2 flat orbits €160. This is even cheaper in cities other than the capital.

Monthly internet costs can be as low as €8.90 up to 100 mb/s, plus a €5 installation fee. The internet in Lithuania is among the fastest in Europe and one of the cheapest in the world.

Mobile communications costs are also extremely inexpensive. You can get a monthly plan starting at €3 (provider: Telia) or a prepaid SIM card with 10GB valid for 30 days for €25 (provider: O2).

Other costs of living in Lithuania

In the city, the cheapest transport option is purchasing a monthly city bus and trolleybus ticket. This costs €29 in Vilnius and €28 in Kaunas, with discounts for students, children, disabled people, and the elderly. Transport between cities is best with an intercity train ticket. The cheapest option: 3 travel days in one month for €59 with Interrail.

In Lithuania, children’s education is state-provided: kindergarten, primary school, and secondary education until 16 years old are free.

Also— everyone deserves leisure. One movie ticket costs about €7, a 48-hour museum pass €44, and a fitness club membership starts at about €23.

Overall, the minimum cost of living in Lithuania averages about €1000 for one person, including food, rent, utilities, mobile and internet services, transport, and leisure. Two or more people living together will have a lower individual cost.

Is Lithuania cheap or expensive? Lithuania is more affordable than most of Western Europe, but costs might rise soon.

Immigration to Lithuania now is a good idea: you’ll be able to make the best of a rising market and economy. The inexpensive cost of living in Lithuania will give you and your loved ones access to education, healthcare, business opportunities, and long-term security.

In addition, having received an EU residence permit, you also get the freedom of movement in Europe. This will help you develop your own business and travel with the whole family

Approximate food prices in Lithuania

table product cost

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