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      Being a citizen of Lithuania meant you’re also a citizen of EU, and it gives you access to a world-class healthcare system to EU countries – free of charge or at highly subsidized rates.


      Currently, the EEA comprises 28 member states of the European Union; together with Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein. Your European Health Insurance Card is valid for use throughout any of these countries and in Switzerland. The basic aim of EU policy is to ensure that you are a part of a social security system, and that you don’t lose your rights, regardless of the member state you decide to work in. It is the host country’s responsibility to get the treatment costs reimbursed by the health service in your home country.


      Under EU law, European citizens visiting for short periods can receive basic and emergency care with a European Health Insurance Card.


      Therefore, with a Lithuanian passport, if you unexpectedly fall ill during a temporary stay in another state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland – whether on holiday, a business trip or for a study – you will be entitled to any medical care that you need. You have the same rights to health treatment as people in the country you are in.


      With Lithuanian citizenship, you and in certain circumstances, your family are entitled to the same social security benefits as nationals of the country you work in. These rights cover sickness and maternity benefits, disability, old-age and survivor’s benefits, benefits payable for accidents at work, occupational illness, death, and unemployment, as well as family allowances. You cannot be excluded from benefits on grounds of nationality, for reasons of residence, or for any other discriminatory reasons.


      Do you have at least one Lithuanian ancestor? Would you like to enjoy access to the world-class EU healthcare system, as well as other benefits?

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