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Dual Citizenship in Lithuania

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Benefits of Dual Citizenship


Access to the EU’s healthcare systems and social services


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Safeguard against political and economic instability


Expanded voting rights, political participation


Eligible for benefits, pensions in both countries


Strengthen familial and cultural ties

Does Lithuania allow dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship, also known as multiple citizenship or dual nationality, refers to the status of an individual who is concurrently recognized as a citizen of two or more countries. In the context of Lithuania, dual citizenship allows individuals to hold citizenship in Lithuania while also being citizens of another state. This legal status provides individuals with certain rights and privileges in both countries, as well as obligations to adhere to the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction.

Understanding dual citizenship laws in Lithuania is of paramount importance for individuals who may be eligible or considering acquiring dual citizenship. These laws outline the conditions under which dual citizenship is permitted, as well as the rights, obligations, and implications associated with holding citizenship in multiple countries. By familiarizing themselves with these laws, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their citizenship status and navigate any legal processes or requirements involved in obtaining dual citizenship in Lithuania.

Explanation of Dual Citizenship Laws in Lithuania

Dual citizenship laws in Lithuania are outlined in Article 7 of the Lithuanian Citizenship Law. This article specifies the circumstances under which a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania may also be a citizen of another state simultaneously. There are some circumstances:

  • Acquiring citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania and citizenship of another state by birth. This provision allows children born to Lithuanian citizens in another country to acquire dual citizenship. If a Lithuanian citizen gives birth abroad, the child automatically becomes a citizen of that country. However, by registering the child as a Lithuanian citizen, they can also retain Lithuanian citizenship. This ensures they hold dual citizenship, being citizens of Lithuania and their country of birth.
  • If a person who was a citizen of Lithuania before 1940 was expelled from the occupied Republic of Lithuania before March 11, 1990, or their descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren). This circumstance is particularly relevant to descendants from countries that were part of the USSR.
  • If a person who was a citizen of Lithuania before 1940 left Lithuania before March 11, 1990, or their descendants. This circumstance is relevant for descendants from all countries that were not part of the USSR.
  • If a person – a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, if adopted by citizens (a citizen) of another state before reaching the age of 18, and thereby acquired citizenship of another state

Additionally, there may be other circumstances affecting dual citizenship in Lithuania. If you have any questions regarding dual citizenship, it is advisable to seek guidance from a qualified lawyer in Lithuania.

Dual citizenship brings about various legal rights and obligations for individuals in Lithuania. As a dual citizen, one enjoys the privileges accorded to Lithuanian citizens, including the right to live, work, and study in Lithuania, as well as access to healthcare and social services. Additionally, dual citizens have the right to participate in political processes such as voting in elections and running for public office.

However, there are also certain considerations for individuals seeking dual citizenship. It’s important to understand that while dual citizenship can offer certain advantages, it may also entail responsibilities and limitations.

Our qualified lawyers specializing in citizenship matters can provide expert guidance, assistance with documentation, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. With proper legal support from De Civitate Groupe, individuals can navigate the dual citizenship process effectively and make informed decisions about their citizenship status.

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Who is eligible for dual citizenship in Lithuania?

⦁ Individuals who acquired Lithuanian citizenship and citizenship of another state by birth.
⦁ Those expelled from occupied Lithuania before March 11, 1990, or their descendants.
⦁ Individuals who left Lithuania before March 11, 1990, or their descendants.
⦁ Citizens adopted by Lithuanian citizens before turning 18.
⦁ Refugees were granted citizenship while in Lithuania.
There may also be some other categories of applicants and circumstances in which dual citizenship in Lithuania may be available.

Can I keep my original citizenship when obtaining Lithuanian citizenship?

Yes, in most cases, Lithuania permits dual citizenship for persons who acquire Lithuanian citizenship by descent, allowing individuals to retain their original citizenship while becoming Lithuanian citizens.

What are the benefits of dual citizenship in Lithuania?

⦁ Dual citizenship provides access to healthcare, education, employment, and social services in both Lithuania and the individual’s other country of citizenship.
⦁ It facilitates travel between countries, property ownership, business opportunities, and investment.
⦁ Dual citizens can participate in elections, politics, and civic life in both countries.

Are there any limitations or challenges associated with dual citizenship in Lithuania?

Some countries may have restrictions on dual citizenship, so individuals should check the laws of their other country of citizenship.

Dual citizens must ensure compliance with tax regulations and other legal requirements in both countries.

Can I pass on dual citizenship to my children?

In many cases, children born to dual citizens may automatically acquire dual citizenship, but it’s essential to check the specific laws of both Lithuania and the other country of citizenship.

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