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The Benefits of Dual Lithuanian Citizenship

April 08, 2021

Having a Lithuanian dual passport has significant advantages, notably because Lithuania is a part of the European Union. Lithuanian dual citizens have access to a wide array of benefits; like travel, business, work, and more.

People who have Lithuanian descent/ancestry can opt to get a Lithuanian dual passport. Apart from the opportunity to live in a country that is a member of the European Union, there are other benefits that one person can get from getting a Lithuanian dual passport such as the following:

Get accustomed to your heritage and family history

For most people, discovering their roots is still the most important benefit of getting a Lithuanian dual passport.
Lithuania has several cultural influences; from Nordic, Slavic, and German cultures. Its cuisine perfectly complements its cool northern climate and shares a piece of its rich heritage.
Lithuanian dual citizens also has the opportunity to trace their family roots and meet their long lost relatives.

Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries

get dual Lithuanian passportLithuanian citizens are able to travel across 150 countries, bypassing stringent visa requirements because it is a member of the European Union. Lithuania’s passport ranks 30th in power rankings with a visa-free score of 150.

Study, Live, and Work in the EU

Apart from travelling to 150 countries without a visa, you may also get the following benefits as a Lithuanian citizen:
• Study in some of the best universities in the world with grant and scholarship opportunities
• Live in any of the 32 countries in EU and EFTA
• Work in these 32 countries from the EU and EFTA
As most non-EU citizens know, getting an employee-sponsored visa for non-EU citizens is very expensive and difficult. Lithuanian dual citizens do not need to undergo the complicated process of getting a work permit or visa, so they are more preferred by employers.

Healthcare benefits

It is not a secret that the European healthcare system is world-class. Lithuanian dual citizens are able to get medical services either for free, or at highly subsidized rates.
Healthcare benefits in Lithuania, just like any other EU country doesn’t discriminate; everyone, rich or poor has access to the sickness and maternity benefits, disability, old-age and survivor’s benefits, benefits payable for accidents at work, occupational illness, death, and more.

Consular Protection

If you are a Lithuanian citizen, you will get consular protection from EU member countries wherever you are. In times of emergency and evacuation is needed, other EU member states can help you evacuate as if you are their own national. EU member consulater authorities can also help Lithuanian passport holders abroad in case of accidents, illness, or legal disputes.

Setup a Company Easily

Are you expanding your business or planning to launch your startup? Lithuanian passport holders can setup and launch businesses in EU countries in just a matter of days. A big benefit of starting your business in the EU is the amount of support you can get from several initiatives; from technical assistance and helping secure funding.
Business owners with Lithuanian dual citizenship can benefit from the single economic EU zone without facing the restrictions applied to non-EU citizens.

Property Ownership in the EU

Lithuanian dual passport holders not only are allowed to live anywhere in the EU. Lithuanian citizens can purchase and own property in EU countries without the need to secure special permits. Owning properties in several European countries not only diversifies your portfolio, but is a really good long-term investment.
We at De Civitate offer a wide array of services that help interested immigrants with Lithuanian heritage obtain citizenship in Lithuania. Our clients get assistance in application, following up, document processing, and more.
You can contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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