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Lithuanian dual citizenship

Top 10 benefits to consider obtaining Lithuanian dual citizenship

March 28, 2020

Do you have Lithuanian grandfather or grandmother? Do you live in US, Australia, Brazil or some other country, but would like to have an opportunity to live work or study in Europe? You might be able to get a Lithuanian citizenship.

Besides restoring citizenship of the country of your ancestors, Lithuanian citizenship can give you and your family a number of other tangible benefits.

We have listed top 10 reasons to consider gaining Lithuanian dual Citizenship:

    1. Right to live in more than 30 countries

Lithuania has been part of the EU for 12 years already. Lithuanian dual citizenship will allow you to live in 32 countries of EU and EFTA.

    2. Right to work in EU and EFTA countries

By having dual Lithuanian citizenship, you will also be able to work freely not only in Lithuania, but in other EU member states.

    3. Possibility for free or cheap but high-quality education in Europe

One of the benefits that many people take into account when deciding to move to Europe is that their children can take advantage of the European education system. Lithuanian citizenship allows you to benefit from a world-class educational system of EU and EFTA countries. Student loans are available for students coming from EU countries and a number of grants and scholarships are accessible only to the EU citizens. For example, tuition fee for medical studies in the US is $20,000-40,000 per year, but medical studies are free in Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and many other countries in Europe. If you study medicine in Europe (to become a doctor in 7 years) you save $140,000-280,000. Savings for other types of studies would be smaller, but still substantial.

    4. Bypassing Strict Visa Requirements

If you are a dual citizen, you also can enjoy a protection of two governments. When travelling, you can appeal to one or both governments’ embassies if any problem occurs. Also, you can travel avoiding the airport queues and answering questions about your travel purposes. With Lithuanian passport you will be able to travel without a visa to almost all European, North and South American countries as well as Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and a number of Asian and African countries. Lithuanian passport holders can travel visa free or get visa-on-arrival travelling to more than 150 countries.

    5. Access to a world class EU healthcare system

Being a citizen of the EU country gives an access to a world class health care systems of number of the EU countries free of charge or at highly subsidized rates.

    6. Lithuanian and EU citizenship for your children

If you have Lithuanian citizenship, your children can get Lithuanian citizenship automatically. They would also be able to keep other citizenship or citizenships, if they acquire them by birth. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren would be also acquiring Lithuanian citizenship by birth automatically. By obtaining Lithuanian citizenship you are getting citizenship not only for yourself, but also for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on. Just think how useful it might be in increasingly global world.

Lithuanian citizenship can be restored for three generations; therefore this opportunity will not last forever.

    7. Residence permit in EU for your spouse

If you move to any EU country your spouse would be eligible for residence and work permit and live in the EU together with you. After living in EU for some time number of years they would be able to get permanent residence permit and citizens hip.

    8. Lithuania is a great place to run a business

According to the World Bank report Doing Business 2016, Lithuania has risen four positions in the past year and is now ranked 20th out of 189 countries, and it is 8th among European Union countries. Furthermore, Lithuania remains one of the most favourably assessed countries in terms of property registration and execution of contracts. The key reform in starting a business recognised by the World Bank means that when registering a new company in the Register of Legal Entities, the company can also be registered as a VAT payer. According to the report, Lithuania overtakes EU countries such as Austria (21st), France (27th), Holland (28th) and Belgium (43rd).

    9. Boost your career by having EU citizenship

Migration, residence and work permit restrictions are becoming increasingly stringent in EU. If you are working in a multinational company you will save your employer thousands of dollars if they send you to European office and do not have to deal with all the paperwork involved. Having a dual citizenship can be your opportunity to live as an expat in Paris or Rome for a few years or your ticket to the promotion you are working so hard for.

    10. Beautiful Country with old traditions and customs

Lithuania has many wonderful places to live and enjoy and Lithuanians have a bright and busy culture. Get Lithuanian citizenship because why not? There is no reason why you should not get Lithuanian and EU citizenship. Your taxes will not increase, there is no obligation to vote, there is no language requirement and you do not even have to travel to Lithuania to obtain Lithuanian citizenship.

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