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Lithuania passport

Why the Lithuanian passport is climbing the new global ranking

May 05, 2021

Lithuanian passport issued to Lithuanian citizens by the Republic of Lithuania is the official document that lets you travel to over 128 countries. If you’re a traveler, you want the freedom to globe-trot, and you happen to have Lithuanian descent, you can easily get your Lithuanian passport. Since 2021 has not been kind to travelers, you might be making plans for a brighter future— can getting a Lithuanian passport gives an edge to your travel plans?

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The world is changing, a pandemic has ravaged the globe, and there have been many restrictions to travel. More and more countries. How can you get a better strategy or be ready to make the best of a constantly changing international scenario?

Whether you’re a full-time digital nomad, a would-be migrant, or just an avid explorer in search of new horizons, if you’ve got the chance to restore your Lithuanian citizenship, you’ve hit the traveler’s jackpot.

Recently updated Passport Index ranks Lithuanian passport as one of the strongest in the world (4th, to be more precise)— but what benefits does it offer you? And can you get one?

Why you should get your Lithuanian passport

The Lithuanian passport is powerful, with a score that places it in 4th place in the global rank (tied with other strong passports like Denmark, Iceland, and the UK). With a high mobility score, it gives you the right to travel easily, without frustrating delays, forms, and hefty fees, to up to 128 countries.

This shows growth since the previous year when the Lithuanian passport was in a lower, less mobile ranking position. It is gaining strength over time and becoming even more of a travel asset than before.

The Lithuanian passport ranks higher (and gives you more mobility and ease of travel) than even the US, Canada, Estonia, and South Africa passports.

While the Covid-19 pandemic complicated travel scores because of shutdowns and restrictions, the Lithuanian passport is well-prepared to make the most of the situation and continue growing once the pandemic is over. With this passport, you’ll be able to travel around the world again very soon.

What are the tangible advantages of traveling with a Lithuanian passport? They’re many and very compelling:

  1. The number of countries you can travel to visa-free: 93. This means you don’t need any visa (neither prior nor on arrival) and can access the country without any bureaucratic bothers. This category includes enticing destinations such as Mexico, the UK, Morocco, and the entirety of the European Union.
  2. The number of countries with visa-on-arrival arrangements: 35. When you arrive at these destinations, you’ll be required to go to an immigration desk and get a visa stamp or attachment on your passport. This means less time and headaches than getting a regular visa before traveling.
  3. Simple 90-days, 3-month, and 6- month stays in many countries in the period of half a year or a year. This gives you a lot of flexibility to alter and combine your travel plans as you see best.

Overall, having a Lithuanian passport allows you to explore a simpler travel style with less time devoted to administrative hassles. It also helps you save more money, as regular prior visas tend to be expensive as well as frustrating and time-consuming.

Besides, Lithuania is part of the EU and the Schengen area. This means you are allowed to travel through the countries in this zone with zero restrictions. And in 2021, as new measures limiting the arrival of non-EU nationals come into play, you’ll still be able to move freely within the block.

And this is not just for tourism— as a passport holder and citizen of an EU country, you have the right to live, work, and start a business in other EU nations. You also have the right to family reunion, which means that your spouse can join you wherever you live long-term in the EU.

Requirements to get a Lithuanian passport

Obtaining the Lithuanian passport is based on Lithuanian citizenship restoration. Namely, obtaining the official recognition of your Lithuanian citizenship by descent. It is recognized when you can demonstrate that you are descended from an eligible Lithuanian citizen.

The rules are simple: you can restore your Lithuanian citizenship as long as one of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were Lithuanian citizens. The only limitation: the right to restoration only extends back for these three generations.

The restoration process requires presenting documents that prove this descent, as well as official forms, and going through a legal process.

The summary: If you’re a world-traveler or want to relocate to Europe and you have the chance to have a Lithuanian passport, you should restore your Lithuanian citizenship and get it now. The advantages are many and, the sooner you get your passport, the more movement and relocation freedom you’ll have in the near future.

If you have Lithuanian descent and would like to get your Lithuanian passport, write to us via email at [email protected]. We can assist you in acquiring documents, preparing applications, and translating. We walk you through the restoration process until citizenship is granted. Email us and we will assess your eligibility for Lithuanian citizenship by descent.

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