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Why You Should Study in Lithuania

June 05, 2020

If you are thinking about studying abroad, then studying in the EU should be one of your choices. Aside from getting access to universities with EU standards, there are a variety of benefits to studying at a university in Lithuania. Here are just some of them:

High Educational Standards
Education in the EU is of a high standard. Lithuania is ranked 59th by U.S. News on global higher education rankings. Not only do universities offer European educational standards – Lithuania’s universities and colleges also conform with the Bologna Process of the European Higher Education Area. This means that education received in Lithuania is recognized in other European countries.

Free or low cost of studies
Many study programs in Lithuanian colleges and universities are free, in some cases when they are paid the tuition fees are still much lower than in the US and some EU countries. Tuition fees in Lithuania are about 2000 Euro per year, which is just about 10% of what American students pay for every semester in US colleges. In addition to that Lithuanian or EU citizens have access to study loans and different types of grants for high-performing students.

Exchange Student Program Eligibility
The Erasmus program offers students from Lithuanian universities an opportunity to study abroad in many other European countries through partner institutions. The international experience gained through studying, volunteering or working abroad will give a huge boost to your self-confidence and your CV, helping you to stand out in the job market and succeed in an increasingly competitive international marketplace.

Cheaper Cost of Living
Lithuania’s cost of living is significantly lower than 54% of other countries in the world. Utilities, sports, and even leisure activities are relatively inexpensive, making students’ lives a lot easier for studying Lithuanian citizens. Vilnius for example requires $577.59 for a single person to live comfortably. This is 56.21% lower than New York and 18% lower than the UK, according to a research done by Investopedia.

Explore Lithuania and Europe
Lithuania on its own is a stunning country. But if you have a Lithuanian passport, you only need to pay for your airfare and you are 2 hours away to your next European destination. You may also travel by railroad if you wish, or just drive to the rest of Europe. With an EU passport, you can cross borders of EU countries without even stopping.

A Rich Heritage
The old town of capital Vilnius is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, while the country’s diverse population celebrates many international events and festivities throughout the year — many of which have been influenced by neighboring nations. Lithuanian citizens, especially younger people love attending these activities as a way to relax and ease stress from their daily lives. The biggest one is Capital Days, which is held from September 6-8. Other interesting activities include Culture night, Kaziuko market, and Street Musician’s day.

English Degree Programs
Many institutions in Lithuania offer degree programs in English, so you do not have to worry if you do not speak Lithuanian fluently. Many people in Vilnius, as well as larger cities (especially the younger generation), speak English rather well, so you should not have problems communicating.

If you are looking to study in Lithuania, It would be easier if you have a Lithuanian dual passport.
We at De Civitate offer dual citizenship assistance to people with Lithuanian ancestry. Our clients do not have to be in Lithuania during the whole process. We will handle the application process from document acquisition, translation, application submission, and making follow-ups with the Lithuanian authorities until citizenship is granted.

You can contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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