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5 ways an EU residence permit benefits your future

September 23, 2022

Moving abroad brings many unknown variables, but this is certain: having an EU residence permit benefits your future.

Do you like to travel but want a long-term solution? Are you looking for a base that helps you achieve your goals? If you are ready to create a rewarding roadmap for your life, career, and travel goals, you should look into an EU residence permit.

Europe is a dream for many travelers, professionals, students, and entrepreneurs. But it is not easily accessible— unless you have a residence permit.

What is an EU residence permit?

A residence permit is an authorization issued by the authorities of a country that allows a person to reside in that country for a specific period.

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political partnership between 28 European countries. These have a shared currency as well as agreements in law, customs, and borders.

When you have a long-term EU residence permit, you have the right to live, travel, study, work, own property, start a business, and retire in any country within the block.

Two types of permits allow you to live in the EU: temporary and long-term. A temporary permit requires you to prove a reason to move to the country (such as a job, an investment, or a study course) and a means of supporting yourself. It lasts 1 to 5 years, after which you need to renew it.

You become eligible for a permanent or long-term residence permit after 3 to 8 years of temporary residence and lasts 10 to 20 years or more. This permit gives you rights almost equal to a citizen and makes it easier to move to other EU countries. In some cases, it might make you eligible for citizenship.

Disclaimer: it is a good idea to check the residence laws of your destination country, as these may vary within the EU.

5 benefits of an EU residence permit for your future

Having a residence permit brings you many tangible benefits and provides more security for your future:

1. An EU residence permit broadens your horizons

Not sure what you want to do quite yet? That is fine: a long-term residence permit gives you the freedom to live and work in any country within the European Union. This allows you to experience different cultures, meet new people, and forge your own path.

As a legal resident of the EU, your options become a lot more open. You can now access exceptional academic institutions, find a fulfilling career— even start a business or family in a safe, stable country.

You get the security of living in a stable and prosperous region. The European Union has a very high standard of living, which gives you the peace of mind to chart your own course.

2. You can study in prestigious universities

A residence permit gives you access to the best universities in Europe. Highly sought-after by students from all over the world, these institutions offer a rich history, academic excellence, and brilliant career prospects. In many cases, they are free for residents.

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Being an EU resident might also provide more financial aid opportunities to make your studies easy and debt-free. Overall, it gives you an edge: a world-class education that is accessible and attractive to employers.

3. You can start a successful business or career

As a European resident, you can get a high-paying job at one of the many industry-leading companies in the Union. In the long term, you can even move to a different EU country to pursue your dream career.

With a residence permit, you can also start your own business. Thanks to a large consumer market, financial incentives, and favorable tax laws, many European countries (such as Lithuania) are the ideal base for your company.

4. An EU residence permit gives you a safety net

In a changing world, it is comforting to know that you are safe. With a long-term residence permit, you can live and work in any country in the EU.

Even if you lose your job, you have the right to social security and unemployment benefits. You also get the right to access the country’s healthcare system just like a citizen. These systems are always excellent and often free.

A permit allows you to live and enjoy the benefits of the European Union without worry. It gives you the safety you need to plan your life or start a family

5. A residence permit allows you to seek citizenship

The European Union offers many advantages to its citizens, including the right to be politically active, live, and work in any member state with minimal paperwork. A European passport grants you consular assistance and visa-free travel all around the world.

If you have had an EU residence permit for a long time, you might also have the right to seek citizenship. As a citizen, you belong to the country without fear of permit revocation, you can travel abroad for a long time, and pass citizenship to your future children.

Save time: EU residence permit or citizenship?

An EU residence allows a non-EU national to live, study, and work in an EU member state. In the long run, you can move to different EU countries.

In contrast, EU citizenship gives you the right to live, study, work, start a business, own property, or retire in any EU member state. As a citizen, you can also vote in European elections.

Many EU countries (such as Portugal, Germany, and Spain) allow you to apply for citizenship after some time as a resident— this is often a 10-year period.

However, there might be an easier path to citizenship for you if you meet only a few essential requirements.

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Are you eligible for Lithuanian citizenship?

Becoming a Lithuanian citizen gives you all the advantages of access, stability, opportunities, and peace of mind— but without the wait and hassle of a residence permit.

To be eligible for Lithuanian citizenship, you need to have:

  • Lithuanian ancestors (parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent).
  • Proof that your ancestor left Lithuania before 1990.
  • Evidence that your ancestor was never naturalized as a citizen of another country. Alternatively, they were naturalized only after 1940.
  • Proof of your family link to this ancestor.

With an EU residence permit or citizenship, living in Europe broadens your horizons and makes your dream life possible. Get a free assessment of your eligibility for Lithuanian citizenship— make your goals a reality today.

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