Benefits of Lithuanian Citizenship

Restoring Lithuanian citizenship will get you access to the vast
benefits of an EU passport holder.
Live, work, study, set up a business in any EU country of your choice.

Right to work in the EU and EFTA countries

Right to work in the EU and EFTA countries

You will be able to work freely in any EU or EFTA country of your choice

You will be able to work freely not only in Lithuania but in the above-mentioned countries of the EU and EFTA.

Right to work in the EU and EFTA Countries

Possibility to work in the EU. It is increasingly difficult for non-EU nationals (including US citizens) to get work permits in the EU countries. So having the EU country citizenship for some persons can be a significant benefit: it gives a possibility to work and do business in Europe easier, it is valued by some employers, who can send a person on a secondment to Europe without additional paperwork. It also gives a possibility to live and work freely anywhere in Europe.

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