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Benefits of Lithuanian Citizenship

Restoring Lithuanian citizenship will get you access to the vast
benefits of an EU passport holder.
Live, work, study, set up a business in any EU country of your choice.

Set up a business in any EU country

Set up a business in any EU country

Simplified process of setting up a business and opening a bank account across EU

You will be pleased to know that the company registration process across Europe is very similar and quite straightforward. In most EU countries you can register a company within a couple of days, completing all procedures online from the comfort of your home; in others, it might take up to a couple of weeks only.

The good thing is, that almost all European countries have one main point of contact that handles countless administrative procedures when it comes to setting up a business, thus it makes it incomparably easier and quicker. Most EU countries are considered to have relatively small bureaucracies, low corruption levels, and high ranks in the ease of doing business.

Another beneficial point worth taking into consideration while setting up a business in Europe are tax implications. Many countries in Europe offer a low corporate tax of 10% – 15%.

And to not forget about the biggest gain – business owners with dual citizenship benefit from the single economic EU zone, which means freedom of movement of goods, services, people, and capital.

The European Union is the second-largest economy in the world in nominal terms after the United States.

The EU’s 27 member states include some of the world’s wealthiest countries and altogether is a huge market in which to sell your goods and services. It also gives you access to a great source of suppliers.

Another key benefit from the single market is that businesses only have to deal with one set of rules rather than 27 different sets of rules when exporting to or operating in more than one European Union member state.

With the single EURO currency, doing business in the EURO area is more cost-effective and less risky. Having an EU passport will give you access to the EU’s financial institutions.

Your personal finances will also benefit from deposit insurance schemes offered by the EU countries.

To sum it up, doing business in a single economic zone gives business owners greater security, smaller operating costs, and more opportunities. Restoring your Lithuanian citizenship will open doors to all these countless possibilities to create a successful life for you and your family in Europe.

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