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Lithuania passport

Is it possible to get Lithuanian citizenship as your third or fourth citizenship?

April 25, 2019

Lithuania accepts multiple citizenship and there is no problem with having simultaneously three or four citizenships and passports.

Back in June, the Lithuanian Parliament amended the Citizenship law allowing descendants of Lithuanian citizens that left before 1940 to get Dual Lithuanian citizenship. The law change increased the number of applicants and people get interested in obtaining dual Lithuanian citizenship. At the same time our team at LithuanianCitizenship.com sometimes gets inquiries from people who want to find out whether they can obtain Lithuanian citizenship if they are already citizens of another two or three countries.

A question from one of our recent clients:

“You mention we are allowed dual citizenship. Since we currently have two citizenships (Colombia – birthplace, and USA – naturalized), would we need to renounce one of them? Does it have to be a specific one?”

Answer: It is not a problem if you already have two citizenships. You can get Lithuanian Citizenship as well without renouncing any of the citizenships that you have.

Lithuanian law views dual and multiple nationals in the same way as those who have only Lithuanian citizenship. If a Lithuanian citizen also has the citizenship of another state, the Lithuanian authorities will consider that person to be a Lithuanian citizen both in Lithuania and abroad. The authorities of other states, however, do not necessarily consider that person to be a Lithuanian citizen, because not all states accept multiple nationality in the same manner as Lithuanian law does.

Some European countries, for example, prohibit their citizens to have two and more citizenships. Among them are Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Malta, Monaco, and some others that do not acknowledge dual citizenship. For example, when acquiring German citizenship, the applicants are required not only to provide an application for renouncing their previous citizenship but to provide a document proving that renunciation has already taken place. When obtaining Danish citizenship, it is also necessary to renounce your native citizenship.

Many other countries (e.g., Canada, The USA, The UK, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Switzerland, and some others) allow their citizens or nationals to have two or more citizenships. Multiple citizenship is a direct and natural consequence of globalization. Relocation of people lead to mixed marriages and one individual can hold two, three, and sometimes even more citizenships and passports.

Having Lithuanian citizenship will provide you with numbers of benefits.  If you have Lithuanian ancestors you might be eligible for dual Lithuanian citizenship. Contact us today to find out more.[:]

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