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Proposed Amendments submitted to Citizenship Law of Lithuania

December 15, 2017

According to the recent change of interpretation of Lithuanian Citizenship Law in November 2017 (due to a recent court decision that set a precedent and changed how the Migration Department processes the applications), fewer people can get dual Lithuanian citizenship. You can read about the court decision and its ramifications in our earlier article.

However, a proposal has already been submitted in Parliament of Lithuania to change the law, so it is likely that the interpretation of the law will be the same as it was a month ago.

The amendment was prepared by 4 members of parliament including two former Prime ministers A.Kubilius and G.Kirkilas.

The proposed amendment should change the law so that Lithuanian citizenship can be restored to a person whose ancestors had the citizenship at the time when they left the Republic of Lithuania and/or had Lithuanian citizenship at any time before 15th of June, 1940, but not necessarily had it until 1940.

In the amendment document Members of Parliament noted that after the amendment is passed the number of applications can increase significantly, as a result adversely affecting a workload of Migration Department. Based on the experience of www.lithuaniancitizeship.com, currently, processing of many citizenship applications is delayed due to insufficient capacity of Migration Department.

If you have Lithuanian ancestors and wish to get Lithuanian citizenship, please contact us.

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